I count myself among the most blessed on this planet. Ramadan for me has always been a story of “next Ramadan I am going to do better”. I see it as an examination given to us by ALLAH every year as an opportunity to book a ticket to Jannah. Here I am again.

Every year, I would plan to devote this whole month for worship of ALLAH alone. Plan to put a pause to all forms of entertainment, try to avoid all forms of sins (like backbiting, lying, cursing etc.), plan to read the complete text of the Quran a few times, attend religious gatherings, pray Qiyamul layl throughout the nights of Ramadan, try to be as generous as possible.

However, year in year out, it has just been like a student who plans to have a perfect semester but always ends up fighting for a C (or even worst).

Procrastination is the biggest obstacle stopping me from achieving this goal. I would fail to meet up to expectations on day one of Ramadan but then, I will tell myself the most deceitful words of “you still have 28 days to cover for this one day”. The cycle goes until just few days to Eid. That’s when I realize how I conned myself into losing this bountiful opportunity.

Addiction to social media has not helped matters. I would always, I am going to cut time or even take a time away from social media but end up doing the exact opposite. The problem with social media is, when you into it, it’s like time has been put fast forward. I would waste precious hours for zero productivity.

My sleeping habit determine how productive my days would be. Thanks to social media (again), a times I sleep after 12AM. Sleeping that late means I would hardly wake up to pray Qiyamul layl. It means my brain doesn’t get enough rest to perform optimally the next day.

Backbiting is probably the most difficult sin to avoid when you are in circle of friends. One way or the other, someone brings up a topic about some who isn’t present. I try avoiding circle of friends but then, that is also very difficult.

However, I never despair in the mercy of ALLAH. Only by HIS approval would my plans ever come to fruition. If he wishes, he would count me among the blessed ones in this blessed month if he sees my sincerity.

If I am sincere in my plans and I pray that he gives me the will to carry it out, This Ramadan will INSHA ALLAH be an A. This is a very big opportunity. We shouldn’t waste it.